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Introducing Based Burnie, the iconic fire MEME character at the heart of 'The BurnieVerse' franchise. Burnie's story is a captivating tale that will be gradually unveiled, offering fans a rich and immersive experience. As the leading figure, Burnie is committed to cultivating a strong community and embracing our ever-expanding family. We invite you to join us in collaborative endeavors, contribute to the development of cryptocurrency, and become part of a vibrant global movement. Whether through music, the magic of movies, or the warmth of community spaces, Burnie's fiery energy promises to unite communities globally and extend a heartfelt welcome to all.


Based Burnie and his MEME companions are meticulously crafted for the grand stage and collaborates across various cryptocurrency chains. Join us on this thrilling journey to explore the fascinating world of The BurnieVerse.

Built on Base Chain.

​ White Paper coming soon!



Contract Address: 0x191E37fC681B257a9e5c8EDd1dbA2bd84ea3fE16

25% supply burned at launch by BaseJump

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